When I’m laying on my death bed I’ll look at you and wish I’d never blinked, so I could be remembering just few more precious seconds of your image beside me.

I’ll remember every time I twisted the car key and I turned to you just in time to meet your eyes, as you finished adjusting your seat belt.

I’ll remember how hard you’d jab me in the ribs when I’d laugh at a joke I hadn’t told you yet.

I’ll think back to every dollar I’ve ever spent on you and wished I’d spent more.

I’ll remember the way you’d tuck up your knees near your face when you’d read, sleep, or cry.

And how you’d pinch the side of your lower lip between your knuckles when you were remembering something.

And how loud you sneeze when nobody other then me is around.

And how you’d run your fingers through my hair whenever I was starting to work too hard.

And how you insist on tying my ties even though they are always uneven, and how you wouldn’t let me fix it until I had driven away. If I could turn back time, then I’d leave it that way.

The only thing that I can’t remember, is why my dream of meeting you never came true.



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