Grief is a reverse birth
It enters where you are most vulnerable
The most sensitive
It violates you
Thrusting that weight inside
Organs pushed aside
Lungs folded in half
Stomach flat and empty
Ribs creak and crack
Making room
Your body is not yours own anymore
The pain seems to stop
But that foreign object is omnipresent
It damaged and now it drains
Each day, week after month
Syphoning the good out of everything
Censoring the scarce joy outside
The gluttonous presence inside
You try to strike it
Deter or defeat it
But you only harm yourself
And those who see you
Without seeing it
There is a light however
Time has withered it alongside you
Though its spiked like an urchin
One day it passes
Reopens old scars
Let’s them bleed one last time
It finally lies below you
Small and sharp
You could smash it now
It is the vulnerable one now
But no
Your feet are healthy
And it only blocks the path behind



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