Your love could inspire hymns
The bells ring from the tower
Low tones from high places
I am high in your space
Flying off from low places
And you’re floating like a cloud
A vast white linen,
with the light shining through

I’m drifting in the ocean
The bright sun blinds me
Though in your soft shadow I do not burn
The water fills my ears and deafens me
Though your voice will never leave my mind
My breath trapped in my chest so that I may not speak
Though your name from my lips would exist a faulty refection
I dare not lift my arms to you for I should sink further
And should I die here on earth while you dwell up above
Perhaps the stars in your eyes will meet the waves on my back, glistening on the tumultuous surface
Smile knowing that the void lusters
The stunning constellations of memories with you – beside me always


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