Thick air
Salty with sweat
Slow, rhythmic dancing
The scent of alcohol
Drifting off drowsy smiles
Lips between teeth
Shivers and prickly hairs
Two flurried heartbeats
Pulsing like critical atoms
More dangerous than if split
The heavy eyelids
Colors muted behind her face
The setting blurs away
Alone together

Tugging, pulling
Things we’ve seen before
Perhaps never found ourselves
My mind is wound tight
My muscles snapped and frayed
In my heart
A choking smog of unease
Each day dulling my blade
Wearing away any luster

And here she is
Before me
Eyes closed
Nails in my hair
Painted black
I feel the plastic edges on my scalp
Not dulling the pain
Not easing my mind
Not purging my filthy heart
She isn’t her

Alone again now
Setting us both off into the night
I embrace the cold sheets
Under the same pale moon
Which she somewhere sees
Perhaps feeling the desire
Though not upon the flesh
We don’t need a release
We need a hold



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