I fell from a tall tree
Grown from the corpses of the greats
We’ve bent and flexed towards the sun
As the years go by like wavering rings

We reached for that shining star
There across the vast lake
But as we strain I hear a snap
As I plummet into the water

I see everyone above me
Too preoccupied to notice
As I drift away from them
And further from the sun

Across the rocks I tumble
Waters white and churned
My last green leaf – torn free
Followed by my young bark

Time passes, as does the world
Rich brown figures crawl to and fro
Shouldering an emerald horizon
And here I float, muted and gray

At last I find myself on a shore
Alone with the sun
Mot drying me like a mother’s blanket
But burning me, this loathsome creature

I am ugly
And yet here I am

But I see a darkness above
It blocks the violent rays with its shape
The form towers over me
Examining my mangled form

I wish to be discarded
Far from eyes cursed to see
My pitiful husk
Withered like a corpse already

Suddenly I feel warmth
Though no pain
I am held aloft in a shadow
Wrapped in the hands of another

She holds me and rotates me
Somehow her eyes show no disgust
From my shame, she whispers
Called me a distant word of lost meaning

I don’t understand
She places me on the soft brown earth
At the foot of a noble tree
Yet somehow I feel greater than it

She takes me home
And as the green forms become distant
I fail to miss them
And sleep soundly in her arms

I awaken on display
Free of heart, spirit, hope, and faith
Yet beloved in the eyes of these strangers
Staring at the remnants of the natural

Her eyes grace me
Freckles on her cheeks like autumn leaves
Those which have not died
Those which are becoming something new

To her I am not normal
I am not kindling
My deviance doesn’t disgust her

She said I was beautiful


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