Friendly Space

Where do all old souls go
Swaying in the night sky
My friends live in space
Cigarette smoke staining the floor
As they drift weightless
Making footprints on the walls

Space around us
Free of pulse or breath
Holding us aloft
Yet waiting for the chance
To consume us
Take our souls to the others

In actuality
Our essence is already abroad
The rusted plates around us
Couldn’t keep it in
As the record player dies
The vast silence subsides

Thumps of debris
The lashing of solar rays
Comets sighing their white noise
With the hum of the engine
Our deafening lullaby
Fills the vacuum of space

Call us divergent
A misguided sense of wanderlust
Absconding to the breathless plane
We waved goodbye to earth
But to none upon her
For they wouldn’t have waved back

So now we sleep beside the sun
Moments from tragedy
It seems perhaps to us
That this is where it is warmest
But more importantly
Where the music is least faded



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