A gull flies above
To a dove it might not seem as much
But its limber body
Grown of biology and habit
Is pure white
Albeit with the grey tipped wings
Dyed such by its commute
Above the simmering fires
Of two great flames

The sand of incalculable diversity
Hard and sharp
Rocks and shells
Crushed through time and devotion
Turned soft and slight
By its determined lover

The dunes may seem muddled
But they are made of colors
And shapes
too vast for categorization
Alluring the boundless attention
Of the curious sea

The vast dark blue
Is home to many
But lacks its own substance
Short of the infinite devotion
That it offers the shore

Witness the sand’s boundless thirst
For the mystery of the water
And the curious illumination
In its enigmatic depths

While the sea’s desire
For the shore’s tumescence
Leaves it clawing itself forward
With desperation born of emptiness

The shore swiftly grows
Warm and radiant
Under the morning sun
While the torpid sea
Saves its warm blanket
For when the cold moonrays
Fill the night
So the sea’s warmth fades
Content knowing the shore
And its celerity
Will warm them at daybreak

Their relationship calls to the gulls
The loveless witnessess
Who live off their plentitude
In the shadow
of their mutual admiration

As they interlock
At every opportunity
They still desire the corpus
Of what they have yet to feel
Two lovers of equal complexity
And shared fixation
Their rough and textured heart
Full of depth and creativity
Is preserved in salt
Such that it might never molder



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