What I’d give to kiss you
Pull you so close
Embraced by the warmth of your skin
Soft hair between my fingers
They’d shake with exhilaration
Were they not mollified by your touch
If nature permitted
I’d paint myself in your colors
And pervade myself in your scent
So that, in your absence
I could still he held
Your colors in my dreams
Amidst the tranquil breeze
Of ambrosial air
I’ll drown in your depth
And as my last breaths bubble to the surface
They will burst forth your name
Burning my composure
Is such a small price to pay
If it gives us fire
To warm our wearily bodies
While you nibble on me
Like a puppy with a favorite toy
Never to destroy
And always to cherish
Your mind, sharper than teeth
An ivory temple
Housing a silver tongue
It is here, in the that twilight hours
That my fluttering heartbeat calms
With the stars sighing and fading
In covetous shame of your beauty
Of which you are unknowing
As you fall asleep by my side
I watch the coals resting in the fire
The sunset hues of your pulse
And the cool ash of your breath
I feel your soft lips
Not sticky with gloss
But moistened by love like laurent
And pressed to my neck
While they smirk mischievously
Awaiting the dawn
And chilly dew covered grass
We two fanatical lovers sleep
Side by side
Feeling the sun rising, only for us



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