The patient stepmother
Watches hopelessly
With inability to protect
As her beloved child is fed to strain

The meloncholy mother
Giving life
Only to have it fade
No choice but to send forth her orphans

The dark storm
Assailing those between belonging
Though the rain patters softly
Twin tears of two miserable matrons

A hand reaches to the patient
Not a child’s anymore
An old man’s
Tired and worn
She embraces him
Lulling him to sleep
Her dreams finally come true
Her cub finally comes home
For the first and final time

The melancholy hand falls
Drifting slowly in great sorrow
Her newborn crawls off
Into the storm
The mother doesn’t weep
For she knows that her child
Was born to meet another
Though, worried the dark clouds
Will lead them astray

Two mothers
Two grieving hearts
Separated by the spiraling storm
One avoided too long
The other, abandoned too soon
Yet they play their part
Directing, but never leading
Their children from dawn to dusk
From ignorance to knowledge
From Life to Death


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