The piano echoes through the walls
As distant fingers
Shivering with artistic impulse
Fall upon the face of a lover
Tense shoulders
Massaged by strong warm hands
While the dexterous digits
Fidgit and flex
Bringing music to the halls

The tones of affection
Pure and true
Like a hymn in the autumn air
While beauty abounds
I sit with knees to sunken eyes
Waiting tearlessly to be found

For how can one cry
When hope is on the horizon
Or when intoxicants haze and drain
Leaving one empty
Their sorrow drawn from filthy pores
And mind devoid of spark

Though bitter drinks burn
Addiction’s hand is vacant
Pulling the musicians tougether
While leaving me apart

The serenade ends
Artist muffled from afar
And as the glass is emptied
My heart longs its last

Stumbling home
Without a direction
The music fades away
No matter which way I go
Though I understand
That it-
as with all words of love,
were never meant for me



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