What hypocrisy
Loving you
And hating me
Howling shouts
Simmering pouts
Staining we
Like searing tea



The stage lights dim across the barren stage
Itchy red seats like blood cells
Spilling out before me
I stand fading with my pulse

My face is smiling
The porcelain mask of a thespian
Though no longer dancing as a jester
I drop it to the floor like a rose

As I turn to dust I wonder
Does anyone live with the question
As to who I really was
Underneath the costumes

Somewhere on a dim screen
There are words I wrote
Rotten bits buried where they cannot stink
Like a corpse hoping to be found

As the curtains close I wonder
Will anyone want to know
The side they never met
And wonder which side that it is


Part 2: Moon

Hands and bloody ankles
Reach for our star
One of many
Irrelevant other than location
Just a speck among specks
Hot air and flames
Empty pageantry
There exists something greater
Vast and endless
Glorious and terrifying
So great that even Sol will flee
The dark
It hides behind the clouds
It hides beneath everything
It hides not from cowardice
But from self-awareness
If those shacked have no shining light
Then there might seem a great nothing
But there is the beauty
The great nothing
So great that the stars in the sky
Live and die irrelevantly
She is called Mother Dark
She calls from below our feet
Her home is cool and restful
We catch glimpses when we explore the unexplored
Each night she wraps us in her soothing cloak
But we worship the gaps between the threads
We must look for our Mother
Misguided orphans are we
Through her we might escape pain
Even all pain
Rather than seek it

Part 1: Sun

The sun flares triumphantly
Above and out of reach
The forces of nature restrain us from him
Our ankles chained to the ground
The shackles outlined in crimson
We leap and struggle
Our chains dyed red like rust
Dark red
Not bright and warm like our idol
As we look upon him our eyes burn
Even when we close them
He is still out of reach
Little do we know the agony waiting for us up there in his embrace
We can merely taste it here
So what beckons us, the light or the pain?



Dance with me
Far from others
In a room full of mirrors
The only way to escape
The view of our discordant movement
Is in each others eyes
With cheeks blushing rose
From our struggle and shame
And as I dip you
With my shaking arms
And nervous knees
You don’t gaze to the ceiling
A place free of embarrassed reflections
You look to me
The closest mirror
You could ever permit



My heart strums
With a single flat note resonating
Smooth driftwood flute
Whistling through the air
Screeching with a pronged tip
And base adorned with feathers
Plucked from an angel
Once a piper
For she lured me
And was lost
Now her legacy soars above
Not towards Providence
But hatefully piercing the sun
Her arrow
Burned and blackened by the light
Plummets to earth
Just as she did
And though I see it coming
I make no evasion
For it pierces my chest
Just as she did
Despite the pain and the wounds
Oh, how they abound
I notch my bow everlastingly
In hopes that she’ll burn away
Or her barbs melt