Unfocused Raving

I wish I could make paper wings
From all these bills
But they’re too fragile to hold us both
And we are the same way
Once having sparks
Like sizzling metal
Pushed against one another
And welded together
You caught far more than my eye
Each brazen fantasy
Each doomed dream
You held them for me
So that my grieving fingers
Could not crush them
Like cooing doves

Every time I feel your hand on mine
In the dark of a theatre
From the sheets of our bed
I think of every time before
And hope of every time after

You bring tears to my eyes
For so many reasons
All drawn from the joy you gave me
And the pain left in its place
Two hopeless fools
That’s who we are
But we will sink
Into each others’ arms
Rather than the cold waters of sorrow

You bring the light and the music
The serenity of the night
Cold snowflakes to my face
And flowers growing at my feet
They’ll be watered without you

When I had a dream for the future
I didn’t know you
But now there is no future without you
Such a funny thing, love
It tears the canvas from the frame
So you can see the wall
The room
Our home
We may one day share together
Has become our watercolor
Dyed into it
Are all the colors
Of when I leapt for you
When I fell for you
When everything leaves but you
And summer love warmed our evenings

With these paints
Made wet with our tears
From old lost dreams
Broken hearts
Weakened wills
And the hiss of reality
Perhaps these colors on the walls
Will make some sense of this all
Their heavy lines
Finding the point
When words cannot
When they run rampant
Beating away like a quickening pulse
Which beats for you and only for you
And always for you and hardest for you
And will one day slow for you
And truly die without you

Past dreams as copper tombs
With you and me
Not in fleeting hopes
But it each others arms
Under a golden sun
With wings left to burn far away
Perhaps truth will engulf us as well
But ashes are better than
The hollow desires
I needed before you

And only perhaps
You found some sense in these words
So droning and rambling
Without direction or focus
You burst my heart open
And my mind followed
Spattered to the sky
In colors of your creation
Love burning and shrieking
Soaring and erupting
Like fireworks above out heads



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