Moon rising high
Bright yellow tinged headlights
Beaming down Hollywood Heights
Erotic shadows dance on the horizon
But eyes are on the passenger door
With a click
A peering smile
And a loving gaze
Your darling meets you
Never one for nice cars
But the roof is gone
And its engine draws forth the wind
Tussled hair
And eyes blown closed
Leaning on your shoulder
As you ride the horizon
With old voices humming along
Glancing from the wheel
To have one last look
As day fades to night
Just as jazz fades
Into cold blues
The classic car starts to rust
Your darling finds her needs elsewhere
Your heart nowhere
And you’re left in some loud bar
Among the brokenhearted
The microphone buzzes from the stage
Despite the sting of bitter memories
You grasp it in your hand
With eyes red from crying
And lungs heavy from screaming
A hum crawls to your lips
One for your sweetheart
Rather than a swan song for love
You sing a song of the bright times
Times when headlights flickered to life
And car doors creaked open slowly
And slammed closed contentedly
When lips were parted in smiles
And kisses were warm and lasting
So when the music stops
And the crowd applauds
Going back to their drinks
And lonesome conversation
The truth of the pain blooms once again
Like a rose dropped to a grave
To be left there
Until the lovelost crooner sings again


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