Pale Umbra

I’m not a man of strength
Or of stature
Yet you lurk behind me
Contented, as you hum
Gentle purring
Like that of a wise old cat
Though still as spry as ever
As you sing
I feel your cheek on my neck
So soft and warm
Yet while I long to turn my head
And kiss your melodious face
I know that you need me wary
For a cold forest lies before us both
Trees stripped of bark
Torn by territoriality
And the sharp claws of predators
As my fear grows
The north wind pulls upon us
Such that your lulling aroma
Wraps its arms around me
And sedates me
With proof enough that you’re there
And so
The scarred timber topples before us
No monsters to be revealed
The moon before us, unconcealed
As its white glow illuminates my face
So I turn to meet your
At last

For a moment you halt
Prepared to flee
Anxious gaze to the floor
As I raise my arms to you
The place I’d always wished to have you
A warm but shy smile
Blossoms on the side of your face
As my magic works on you
Just as yours works on me
Here we are under the stars
And the pale moonlight
Your silver hair shines the brightest
Here in our mutual retreat
Yet you nuzzle your dazzling face
Right up against my heart
Safest there
In the shadows of our embrace
For you are the waning moon in the vast ebony sky
So modestly gleaming
And only for me
Pale Umbra



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