Part 2: Moon

Hands and bloody ankles
Reach for our star
One of many
Irrelevant other than location
Just a speck among specks
Hot air and flames
Empty pageantry
There exists something greater
Vast and endless
Glorious and terrifying
So great that even Sol will flee
The dark
It hides behind the clouds
It hides beneath everything
It hides not from cowardice
But from self-awareness
If those shacked have no shining light
Then there might seem a great nothing
But there is the beauty
The great nothing
So great that the stars in the sky
Live and die irrelevantly
She is called Mother Dark
She calls from below our feet
Her home is cool and restful
We catch glimpses when we explore the unexplored
Each night she wraps us in her soothing cloak
But we worship the gaps between the threads
We must look for our Mother
Misguided orphans are we
Through her we might escape pain
Even all pain
Rather than seek it


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