Straight Line

A straight line
Lonesome desert road
No forks or turns
Only the rattling of an abject motor
Four cylinders pumping away
From Eden to Abaddon
No detour for Providence
Smacks on the windshield
Bug guts
Broken buzzing
A dull monitor
With no monitors
A straight line
No peaks with frigid tips
No noon-warmed vales
No soaring birds of paradise
Nor grim raven’s caw
A life of no peaks or plummets
Only the numb anticipation
All for nothing
Fate strings the line
Such that it might break
Never to hum a love song
Or resonate sorrow
A straight line
One between you and me
Holding us apart
Cold and sharp
While the coiled wire
Between you and another
Is wound tightly
Glowing orange and warm
It lets you sleep beside them
Their highs and lows flavor your life
While my soul runs long and sharp
Like blade to empty heart
A straight line



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