Your voice
Distant and soft
A long smooth breeze
Like from a hummingbird’s wings
It calls to me
Through woods
Over water
And on the air
I’ll run, swim, and fly to you
Padded feet flicking the soil
Hips swaying rapid like the river
Feathers stretched warm in the sun

Like a fawn to a doe
Or a wolf to its mark
Warm blood
Tooth and nail
I’ll hunt you
From one predator to another
We nip and play
And sleep under the moonlight

I awaken alone, as every dawn
And wait
Till the light cracks the horizon
Twitching my ears
And tilting my head
Your voice
It sends me on my way
Through another day
And should I find you-
When, I find you

We should clench every moment
With sharp claws
And brute strength
Here in the restless wild
As we need not forget
And cannot deny
That animals have no souls



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