There is something critical missing
Like lungs popped from the inside
I feel each breath burning my heart
There is no intensive care unit
For this hopeless longing
All that’s left are endlessly short days
And hopelessly dark nights
Inked darker by black thoughts
And the ultimate symptom
Not love, or lust, but loneliness
Yet to target it leaves the cause
To medicate will not alleviate
For this is the curse of some
A hex not only from self or others
But from something stronger
Something in the human brain
Which makes it wish for silence
Yet fearful of the void
And as my dark thoughts stare back
I find myself on my bed
Not on a stretcher to a doctor
Or to a stoic mortician
I find myself as I truly am
And how I’ve lived to be
Perhaps this regret grows from absence
Or perhaps it grows wild
From a person I’ve tried to hide
Breaking free alongside my heart



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