Is it really cold on the other side
Would my skin chip and crack
Expand and shatter into the wind
Or would the frozen sun take pity
And bathe me in baby blue rays

Like a mother never known before
This want awakened inside
The call to a cold slumber
Never to wake soaked in bitter sweat
And never to be abused by the light

A new sensation on my arms
The feeling of true cold
Chilling to the point of fracture
Only to spread like liquid
Silken winter mint for blood

As it permiates my core
Soft cold fingers caress my heart
Jolting it back to life
Or perhaps awakening it
For the first time ever

It beats in a major key
Born from years of minor
Notes which once pelted below like rain
Rise through the clear air
Becoming quartz freckles in oceanic sky

They become the stars
Dripping icicles above
Crystal droplets turn to snowflakes
And land on my face
Faint like fleeting lips

Let the hot sun rise and fall
I’ll stay right here
In the baby blue light
Of a frozen sun
Sleeping soundly at last



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