Sexy Pain

Tell me again how much it hurts
My heart tenderizes
And hisses on the flames
As scorch marks like prison bars
Lock us in together

When I change the subject
You’ve found the right spot
One so sensitive and raw
Always heavy on my mind
And drawing me to yours

In a moment I’m holding you close
But I’m frozen
The skin beneath me is frail
And under it is poison,
Not venom

I press my lips to you
Not for love or lust
But for nature’s sake
As sour pain drips from my tongue
I feel your reciprocation
Quid pro quo
Two mouths exchanging
And extracting

Lying on the floor side by side
Faces tingling with each other’s taste
We can see things as they are
This pulsing wasn’t desire for the broken
For there is no sexy pain
No cooing behind the crying

There is only this sea of bile
We are each better without
So we’ll wait till it evaporates
Syphon the remnants
And embrace our shells

Momentarily emaciated
But sure to rejuvenate
We can avoid the sour pain
And instead focus
On the few drops of sweetness
Mutually tasting
The milk of human kindness



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