The Corgi

It begins with white pillars
Towering over a sky blue pool
With crisp, but temperate waters
I’m at the home of a ex lover
Though its design is not as remembered
From the water an orange form rises
Up like the sunset,
Bringing memories of firey hair
And soft kisses
But instead of bygone lovers arms
I find myself staring at two pointed ears

A small dog with stubby legs-
A corgi, I’ve been told,
Whimpers and flounders from the pool
My sleepy haze is broken
And I rush to save it from the water
Its ears flick off droplets
As I lift its abdomen
But rather than lifting it to the shore
I carry it along beside be
With my clothes soaking
Somehow I hardly notice

As it shuffles happily
And makes a vibrating wake
I find myself smirking
At such a simple moment
Without any weight or roughness
Much like the floating shape to my side

The corgi sticks its face below the surface
And blows tiny bubbles
Which sputter and pop
Until they moisten his eyes
And cause him to shake indignantly
I almost drop him
But he places his paw on my forearm
Not desperately
But with inquiry
The claw marks don’t sting
Beneath the waves

This pool was too deep for him
But not for me
And I could never leave him to it
Not on his own
Yet I couldn’t bring him to the dull shore
And leave him in the sun
While I knew this was a dream
And he’d be gone when I’d awake
I couldn’t abandon this one
This hopeless figment of my mind

So I taught him to swim
And even after
We couldn’t leave each others’ side
As we walked along the shore
My mind wasn’t on the pillars
Nor on the unfamiliarity
Nor on ex-lovers
But rather,
On the safety and happiness
Of the stubby dog shuffling beside

As the dream faded
Into my eyelids against the sheets
The corgi grasped my hand
And when I looked down
Right before the dream faded
I saw the smiling face of a child
As I woke up


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