The Jester and the Fool

Bells chime from her hat
As she juggles the apples high
But in an instant
They come clattering down
My pointed shoes
Vibrant and coiled like snakes
Stumble and fumble,
Slip and trip,
On the split halves
As I fall
Arms flailing
Body sprawling
She breaks my fall
She, the clumsy jester
I, the blinded fool

We flick each other’s noses
And electrify with a touch
But underneath her stage makeup
Is a face too genuine for me
Too beautiful
Cheeky smiles radiate
Across my pallid face
How did someone so great
Settle for me
They call me the jester
And she, the fool

We dance clumsily
And stammer together
Snorting and chortling
On each other’s breath
Bright shimmering clothes
Toothy grins
Jingling bells
Ugly laughter
Such a spectacle we must be
To the audience,
We are fool and jester
But to each other,
We are king and queen


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