You were always sweeter
Further from the core
Tearing through that bright flesh
And caressing the wound
With soft kisses
Crisp snaps of sweet flavour
Intoxicating and refreshing
This icy cider
Each moment shrinking you
And carving you like a statue

But rather than the perfection of art
All that is left is the central husk
Tasteless and stiff
With no scraps of sweetness left
And as your pale insides
Wrinkle and brown in the sun
I search each surface
For something to restore the flavor
But your sharp barbs slash my throat
And leave me gasping
Never again
In the breathless way
As days gone by

I feel them in my insides
Carving so roughly
Like mechanical knives
And I wonder
If perhaps you felt the same
Along the way
Maybe we aren’t much different
For as I look to the mirror
I see myself torn clean
With my withered core turning to rot
Your teeth marks ripped the valleys
Salted with tears
And never again to bear fruit


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