She pinches me right between the eyes
Holding my nose like a rowdy child
Her arms wrap around my head
Holding me close
Her grip is slightly too strong
And I feel a faint ache
As her dark skin massages my temples

Through her everything seems clearer
Her body transparent
To a fault-
No soul fogs her form
Yet when I see through her
There are others before me
Brimming with emotion
To a fault-

I watched my love wander away
And as I reached
I could tell my hand would not meet her
From my crumpled face I pull an old friend
With dark arms and transparent soul
Her fingers pulled from my nose
To let the cold breeze in a little more
And blur the wandering love away
Perhaps it is better to be blind
Than to be trapped with the crisp image
Of a lonesome night

Though it is slightly less lonesome
As she rests beside me
Arms crossed
To give me a clear world in the sun
And wipe it away when it starts to hurt
Leaving only splinters of the truth


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