Countless wiser men and women
Vision beyond that of hindsight
With their bonds of community
Warm, tight, and unobstructive
Like the grasp of an infant’s hand
Leading them towards the light

Despite my moral maxim
I find myself leaving them
Friends only wishing to see me
To hear how I’ve been
Yet I fail them as they fade away
Reluctantly returning to the functional

They offered their time to me
Their most valuable treasure
Yet I always seem to let it spill
Between digits too placid to perform
They were ardent bulbs
Filaments severed
Victims of convenience

The friends I want the most
Like snowflakes on the car’s hood
Turn to liquid and migrate
Vectors to the unfamiliar ground
Coveted freedom from Galwyn
They slick the tires that I try to brace

They leave with the sun
Shaking like a leaf
My hands on the steering wheel
Cold and clenched
My only hope is to drive
Steal the heat of the engine

Parked cliffside
Beside a lake
On the rails
All alone at last
Until a hand grips me tight

The one friend never to leave
Who floats around my head
In the frozen air of twilight
Incubated in these frigid thoughts
Beloved lonesomeness
Widow of knowledge

She pulls the sting from my eyes
The aftershocks from my skull
The waves ever toppling me
Dry to salted plains
Given sleep by her hand
Reality and dreams unpolerize
At last willing to be awakened


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