The rain raged sideways
With the sun’s beams
Cutting knotholes in the clouds above
Down to the asphalt

In the wet haze
With all its grassy pungency
Clomped four soaked shoes

Over white lines
Below the buzzing red stoplights
Two strangers cross
I was one
And she,
The transiant beauty
Was the other

Not often is it my place to be forward
But the deafening raindrops
And gusting winds
Offered me a cold sanctuary
Should my anxieties emerge
So I walked closer

In her arms was a grey woolen sweater
Soaked, but wrapping her forearms
It offered no solice from the storm
While her eyes squinted
From the liquid dust

Yet, in her distress
She looked as strong as a field of grass
Never subservient to the morning dew
Though, she did shiver
With flushed discomfort

I pardoned, and introduced, myself to her
While making an unexpected offering-
Of my favorite olive coat
At least until she could get home safe

Her eyes lit up
Her smile ignited
The sun shattered the clouds
Stepping closer had melted my wax wings
And left me sealed nervously to the floor

She denied my offer
Asking instead for something else
A thing she said she wanted much more
I’d have given her the world on a whim
But all she said she needed
Was my name

We walked and talked
As she waved and entered her apartment
I continued my trek home
Smiling to myself in the wet haze
I realized that I had been duped
I wanted to offer warmth to a freezing stranger
Yet she had given her warmth to me


The white dunes of paradise
Crested in peach
Hovering above the rippled glass
Darker than olive
Like soaked fatigues

A eggshell spine
Torn from the ivory sands
By the arms of the mechanical stork
Waiting to deliver its suit-clad children
To a foreign land

And slinking below them
Our sunbleached boat
Nested with hornets, bound with cobwebs
Riding the horizon
As the peach dunes ripen into plums
High above the water

Drink and Drive

I had promised not to drink and drive
But I had to drown my sorrows
Swallow the bitter pill
And spew them away as clouds

Clung to my arm
And numbing my shaking hands
These vices tighten
The pounding in my chest slows

Mind occupied with drink
But body sans-indulgence
The drive comes on strongest
When it’s all already in motion

The women across the bar
Seemingly so clear and smooth
Turn bitter and sting
As they swish across open wounds

I can’t hold them at fault, officer
For we are all bitter deep down
Though all at different proofs
No mythical virgins

Clouded with drink
And driven by drive
I speed along far too fast
Ignoring signs
Stopped only –
By the windshield


She clung to my back
Her love stuffed in a vinyl sack
Seemingly bringing warmth
When it was solely my own
Refected from her cold form

Yet how can you not have faith
When love has set you plummeting
With gusts of words
Reddening your eyes
Until you have no tears left to fall

Dependance is why we imprison love
Our hubris invites the drop
Loneliness begins with the surprise
Of when we pull the cord
And release nothing but a cloud
Which now, and always
Has floated higher than us
So we fall
Like a marionette


To say what made her best
Would be to crack the keystone
Of a historic arch
It would be to mangle a painting
For it’s finest scrap
Or to pluck the sharpest feather
From a soaring eagle

When I see her in my mind
She is everything
Not a disembodied smile
Or a set of floating eyes
Her face comes all at once
With nothing left out

Not a thing is out of place
And not a thing lacks any luster
For she is not a simple grin
A tattered memory to cherish
She was always a tapestry
Without a single loose stich

And yet I don’t speak of her
For she found herself in another
A warm home where she belongs
I permit myself eyes and smiles
Fragmented memories
Of other people
As I lost her completely
When it came time for all-
or nothing


I say it’s all fine
As if it is all some glistening bauble
Little consequence, and great value
What a life should be
But when I say it is ‘fine’
There is no nugget in my palm
But rather, a empty hand
With gaps between my fingers
And it is all simply passable
Until life slips through

Fine is just fine
No splendor to witness
No peace of mind to be had
All that there ever was
Is a gritty stone
Turning to sand caught in my nails
Before it escapes my grasp
For better or worse

The grains are friends,
And passions
As they fall I feel lighter
And vastly more empty

Others find colorful gems in their palms
They hold them to the world
And see it closer, and brighter
Blushed and rosy where it isn’t always
Holding tightly to such sharp stones
Can prick their fingertips
But the pain is worth the pleasure
Yet as I look to my fingers
They are soft and weak
Like an infant, never meant to be

My fine is complacency
A toll I pay habitually
Cynicism rising like a tower of babel
Each time I try to smite it
I find that the power to change is a myth
I’d say it comes from wisdom
But I’d berate myself for feeling so
Yet perhaps that is how I know I’m right
Maybe the hopelessness of nature
Is the last thing to learn
Before the cycle of second guessing
Combusts us like a rising shuttle
A dragonfly with a snapped wing
Spiraling towards the ground

A single word for a million things
A million things from a million fears
And a million fears from a million truths
Yet all decimated down to a single word
Just fine

I am the dusty hand
I am the sand falling from it
The loathsome tower
The flaming shuttle
And the crippled fly
Myself, and Galwyn too
I’m a patient to a cynical mind
Every night I wish to be something
And every morning I wish to be nothing
Have I truly lost the rhythm,
The finesse,
To say what I mean?
Am I to explode and crash to the earth?



To fall in love is to dip your brush
And watch the color diffuse
You find that in time the one that you love
Is always the one you abuse

A blackened drop in crystal water
Turns purple as it fills the space
He took that violet from the pool
And splashed it on her face

He beat her till her heart broke
It was the last to go
Is it better to see your love is dead
Or better not to know?