If you could invert my introversion
Ignore my deep aversion
Dissect my deepest faults
And craft me a better version
Would you?

Would I even ask?
Assuming it was some task
I’d have committed
When I’ve admitted
To being no more
Than some vacant sorrow
Shapeless without its mask


The End.

She couldn’t wait for my love
I promised the world
And I meant it
I caught the stones thrown my way
And chipped them till my nails cracked
I pulled the earth,
but spared the roots
And poured water on the spots that lacked

I held this totem to my heart
And from it came a song
The planet that I made for us
Pulsed and became a home
It was small but sized for us
Where we could rule as kings
I gripped it safely in my hands
And brought it to your door
A stranger answered, she pitied me
And said you weren’t there anymore

I wish I knew just where you went
I think I’d understand
If you told me why my world was flawed
I’d gladly try again



I find my home in bygone times
When amber drinks were sweet
When hands were linked with those I loved
And happiness replete

But now it seems that work and love
Exist just to compete
And now the friendships that I made
Lie shattered at my feet

And while I lie awake at night
Thinking my loss complete
A dream still graces lonesome mind
Both it, and joy, accrete

Goodbye my loves who didn’t last
I forgive all your deceit
You may not want me anymore
Though I did not mistreat

I’ll go somewhere and try again
With shining souls to meet
I may have lost home long ago
But my life is long
And all this pain
Has become obsolete



She wasn’t special
I had said it so much
I had forgotten the truth
Her jokes were redundant
And her conduct repugnant
An off-season flower
Rotting towards the core
With a body smooth and limber
But littered with thorns
I wanted to trim away the bad
Preen the petals
Soften the spikes

So foolish of me not to see
That painted roses can’t be clean
To each their own
Black hearts get no green home

Her embarking leaves
Can spread just like weeds
And poison the ivy
Of another man’s bed


American Dream

She came true somehow
The huddled mass of my love
Was given sanctuary in her arms
Her hands are strong and calloused
From strumming lullabies
To tempest-tossed hearts
She’s wise beyond her years
Yet never makes me feel estranged
My words have meaning to her ears

We embrace beneath the red glare
We did nothing to incite
And as bombs burst in midair
We hold our breath for the last time
In hopes that we might
Bring a lullaby
To the other side
Or maybe wake up
Into an American Dream



The sunlight cools from white to peach
Finally bowing to the tallest of buildings
While still sprawling across the fields
It finds in between
Like a lover’s kiss
The air is warm in the light
Then cool in the shade
Then a temperate tingle
Clining to your neck
Like a golden chain
Faces no longer squinting
Brows no longer furrowed
Only eyes glistening golden
In the late afternoon embrace



The full moon reflects
From the bottom of a beer can
Across the forest of inebriation
Flannel clad trees
And LBDs
A howl in the night
Echoed by another
From between a stranger’s bedsheets
Relishing in clawmarks
Hickies feel like hallmarks
Animals in the night till the sun comes out

Morning light on naked skin
Coats shed in the night
Awakening between stranger’s sheets
And heading home
Head aching
Mirror breaking
At the weak being before you

Oh how it felt to have talons
To have beastly fangs
A couple of canines
Linked in a cottonmouth kiss
Two restrained hunters
Acting unacquainted
At least until they next time
They glimpse each other
In that aluminium moonlight