Over The Water

The river skitters across the pebbles
Beneath the bridge
And beneath our feet
She smiles at me
And draws me near
As I wrap my arm
Around her lower back
Lowering her back
Till the splintery wooden railing
Meets my forearm
And fortifies our longing embrace

We kiss
And she leans back
Her form curved
Though not to a question
As her trust harbors itself
Upon my waiting arm

Lurching over her like Dracula
I keep the sun from breaching the trees
Burning her eyes
As her colorful hair
Dangles between my fingers
There over the crystal water

Right Here

She presses her lips to mine
And places my hands on her hips
As I held her in the dancehall lights
So very long ago

The curves and cleaves of her shape
More familiar with each passing day
Skin soft and smooth, clean and calm
As she sways back and forth

Not sure whichever one of us is leading
As the night grows longer
I draw closer

And cross my wrists behind her back
Her chin on my collarbone
Soft cheek upon my neck

Dusky floral perfume
Drifts me back to those by bygone days
That bygone dance
That bygone fear
Of never finding love
Right here


Smile bright and crooked
Breaks the dawn of sweet peach lips
Beige stars above
Between twin suns
Eclipsed by lagoon reflections
Of childhood songs
The soft sloping crest
Catches the shine of the sky
It brushes your cheek so slightly
Like the lingering kiss of the wind gone by


Porcine voices harass
Over steaming bovine carcass
I draw my fingers from my tongue
And taste the sweet clinging to the bold
Barbaric, perhaps
But the flavor is thick and tingling

To feel a lover’s arm
Soft for a moment
Yet firm and muscled in heavy caress
That fire licking over them
And the smokey smell of simmering sex
Too much, such that I might burst
Serve up what remains well
Splay me over the kitchen table
While you prepare the oven
Her body glistens like a morsel
And I need to take a bite