Warm soft and loose
Her embrace and her sweater
Arms draped around my shoulders
As I melt in cold weather

Pajama pants to legs
And top sheets across the face
So delicate a form
Earns a gentle man’s embrace

Her loving clings to me
Like perfume upon her wrist
And it stains my winter clothes
So the scent is never missed



I squirreled away a dream
Like an acorn in the dirt
A sinful wish of bright red love
Which which to share another

But when I came to take a bite
The location had been lost
As fridged snowflakes fell from on high
My fur greyed, my tail frayed
Through seasons of bitter spices
I waited

Till one day
In a lapse of dismay
A stalk pierced through the snow
Through seasons more I waited
Until the trunk was opened up

And smooth within her hair
There were acorns enough
My time was not wasted
My hunger not faded
From years and years of lonely vigil
My love decended endlessly
Patterning like rain



The swarms of masses
Wash over the warehouse, derelict
Like waves in the ocean
Gathering sand
All loose items are pulled away
And the floors sit idly clean
Though the tides remain high
The walls are blank
As they crumble in time

The steel skeleton rustles free

The grey flower at last blooms to the sun
Reddens and rusts

Into dust on the wind
Floats the flavor of blood

The flower fades
Not even the roots remain
Nor the memories of when it stood tall



My lovely beauty
Nimble and strong
Soft and slight
Alabaster skin
As white as moonlight

Her balance is keen
Legs and feet
Firm and lean
I wrap my arm ’round her calves
And hold her closer to me

My beautiful lover
Like a porcelain doll
I find the chair kicked below her
My screams ring through the hall
She’s there staring through me
As my phone makes the call
Like the best ballerina
Her feet never to fall