Blue Blood Blues

A blue blood contender
Watches his time leak through his chest
It’s red, just like the rest of us
The shooter was the same color
The officer too busy to help
As he presses the dark child
Across the hood of the car
And pulls the hood from his head
Yet not his own
The green dust bunny in his pocket
Left his mother all alone
A kindergarten
Turned to a garden of kinder cinders
And stone flowers
A bruised and battered woman
Dies giving birth to a stranger’s child
She walks to the operating table
Like an electric chair
He spared the knife
But he cut deeper
And left her dying for months
Though we have all been dying for years
The blue blood blues
Of dark blue suits
Count the money in silence
Within ivory towers
Which they have abused



I fall asleep with her breath in my lungs
Her name on my lips
And her taste on my tongue
Her smile on my brain
A gentle refrain
As consciousness fades
But never the flame



Cinnamon and nutmeg
Heavy brown powder
Smeared on my cheek
Does not overpower
Vapor rub on my chest
Dry and stuffy red nose
Lovely sting from her hand
Like a freshly plucked rose
She’s the steam from the broth
Turns infirmity off
She’s confectioner’s sugar
So silky and soft
Be it tissue or lace
I cannot get enough
She may flick my sore nose
But she’s never been rough



I raised my arms and provoked her
She came and tangled with me
Her kite strings around my heartstrings
Tied up there yet always free

And when I feel I’ve lost my spark
To the lightning, she’s the key
My thoughts
Now floating lightly
Like clouds above,
Sand pressed to sea

And if the wind might snap you
I’ll sigh and set you free
You belong in the stars above
Not tethered to my tree

My tissue paper angel
What colors can you see?
I’m sure it’s brighter up above
Not torn up here with me