Dream: Death

I died last night
In the backyard, bound and bitter
The last thing through my lips
Were obscenities to my captors
The gun was silent
The pain was absent
I saw as I fell backwards
Onto the midnight lawn
My eyes open but immobile
My body numb without tingling
Assumption of cerebral expulsion
Yet no discomfort at this thought
Nor any emotion in any thought
Just eyes staring up without judgement
As my captors look to me
And walk away
Leaving me looking to the sky endlessly
I awoke without a jolt
Only opening eyelids
Aimed at a ceiling
As sensations of,
sensation, returned
And impositions of emotions emerged
I could move my eyes
Yet felt no added freedom
For I am a passive passenger in this world
As I was a passive passenger in my mind
When I died



Something like lightning
In my lonesome lake
It strikes on the surface wide
And constructs to my skin

Ears ringing
Like angels singing
Like the stunned breaths in my lungs
I float wide eyed like a dead fish

Bolted by Aphrodite
I smoulder like a candle
Yet feeling chills
Extra air in my chest
Filled with tingling static
A smile comes to my face as I relax
Though in a moment
I am bolted again
By her fingers brushing my skin



Dyed in the wool
Dead in the water
I love her in waves
And with every breath
Before each one crashes
Like glass, stone, and bone
Turn soft in the sea’s grasp
I too, meld in your grip
Like cresting wake
The frayed cuticles of the shore
Rest your seafoam arms upon me
Taking my breath



Intelligence is progression
And hence we find our creator
In the center of deepest crater
Steel birds dive and splash
Pull forth twin fish
With shiny scales flicked to the wind
Our residual god feeds the masses
Through flickering lights
And belching domes
White smoke to show the new patron
The pointy headed,
And the academics,
Stoke the black fires of the future
Railways like dark cracks
Emanating from the center
We spin like tired tops
Within the center
Of hemispherical prison
Intelligently created
By clock hands seeking not to be idle



Twin weathered ships are floating
With flooded earth below
As salt winds start to bluster
The rain begins to flow
It falls upon the two ships
They falter to and fro
But neither ship is frightened
Of raging sea below
For if they were to capsize
It’ve happened long ago
They drift around the great sea
But never feel alone
For time brings them together,
And apart,
But always home