Forever and Never

I’ve rather not leave a corpse
Not a mess of incomplete passions
Not a stain of sorrowful emotions
From first breath I infected them
Those who caught symptoms of love
Hate, desire, and inspiration
Disappointment and dillusion
All from me some way or another
All the victims of my pulse

I don’t long to die
But to have never lived
To have my impacts undone
Instead of filled in
I wish to not meet the dark void at the end
But to un-exist eternal
In the white light of potential
Forever and nevermore



Skeleton Key

I gave my friend a key
Not one of heart
But one of bone
It was once a rib
What excess
Not needed to protect us

But snapping it off
Just left a gap
A place to stab your key
You used the teeth to cut so deep
You met my heart
And made it bleed



I try to tell you that it’s fine
Yet, if I’m honest,
My heart breaks a little more each time

If I could rearrange the pieces
Both yours and mine
I’d make sure there was never distance
And I was in a place
You could always find

We’d interlock arms
In a swirling line
And though I worry,
And though I cry,
I also think
The wait was fine
As we were made for one another
We’ll conquer distance
As we conquered time



This misery could flood the world
Tears welling up in the skies
Raining down
Heavy like lead
From misty eyes turned to ivory castles
Seeping thick blackened gold
Dark like dried blood
The discharge coating the grass
Scorching it, and denying satisfaction
By the waters above
Those at the top have sunk to the bottom
While storms of sorrow
Give their shadowy forms places to hide
Lightning strikes in Alabama
Thunder claps and rings
Tearful outcries ignored
Telephones unanswered
From dwindling family plans
Those of learning, life, love, and hope
All gone in a acrid flash
The rifle claps and rings
It is heard by all
It echoes
Through the barren flights of ivory towers
Through clamorous school halls
Upon laden suit pockets
Empty hearts
And cold vacuous minds
Until it echoes again
While young minds
Are left to merciless time



On that day
A common species turned specific
Broken from community into cults
Like a shattered dinner plate
Strangers waiting to be friends
Became friends waiting to be enemies
Wolves in sheep’s clothing
Buried grandmother’s bones
Beneath a tempest-tossed ruin

Burnt wicks and severed filaments
Shadows of the past
Become the darkness
Inky and vacuous, devoid of stars
Waiting to shallow us whole
It is the greatest disaster
So sudden
So intangible
That has been going on forever
Yet happens in an instant

Should life go on
It would be by the grace
Of those sharp black fangs
Mercifully spitting us out
Or perhaps true mercy
Would be to consume us altogether
All one can do is fall
Into the void
Where friendly arms once waited
Our last sight
Will be the world being torn away
Our last bulb of light dimming
As the hateful nothingness
Smothers us
With hands once familiar



Though I mope and I moan
Of the sorrow I’ve sown
I meekly admit
That accustomed I’ve grown
To this little blue home
In its dome of ozone
And the feelings we have
Truly make it our own

Should I die in my sleep
Should I die in great pain
One electrical impulse
Will go through my brain
How I love these emotions
As they drive me insane
Each deep as an ocean
But abounding like rain