I used to dream each night
Of how you might be
Your smile
And your laugh
How it would feel to me
To be in love
And have you next to me
Not bound to my eyelids
And hopeful imagery

I always dreamed each night
Of how things used to be
When you were on my side
Though not there next to me
I dreamt of how we’d find
A better life to lead
But my eyes were open
And watched your heart secede

I still dream every night
But not how it used to be
I dream of any,
And all,
Save for you and me


4th Degree

Forked tongues of flame
Lick blistered lesions
Of selfish red seasons
Defacing my brain

The first layer burns
The pain unexpected
Yet pain redoubles
Second layer,

Hiss Hiss
Burn through muscle
My mind, now narrow
Inky black sludge
Broken bones, melted marrow


Once Bright

Moths lingering to the light
Swatted one by one
Ashen spirals
Flaking filament
Stirring corpses
So slight and soundless as they fall
Like spinning maple seeds

Like letters of longing
Put to page
Left far too close to the flame
The ashes crawl across my mind
Orange passion, blacked memories
And pure white wings falling away

Desire of mine
Lives not through the night
My love for you once a swarm
Now only hushed walls
And will-less husks
Within an ashen tomb


Each Time We Kiss

Brow far from furrowed
Lifted from the middle
Inquisitive and innocent
Rising on auburn arches
And on those nimble toes
Lashes lax and latching
Never tied or catching
Those glossy fibres never stitching
They twitch within a dream
Not squeezing shut
But sleeping tight
Just a crack from break of day
Just a break from time away

Cheeks soft and free of wear
Medium well, not medium rare
A touch of pink awaits me there
But my lips don’t need to roam

For hers are smooth and circular
With sideways smirk of curvature
The bloom content and healthy
Not ravenous and raw
They keep her smile soft and kind
Not tight against her jaw

And as we kiss
I feel her twitch
My prickly face to blame
She feels my blush
She slowly rushes
Deeper into my arms

And through closed eyes
And through pressed lips
I can see her face
Each time we kiss



You send me to despair
Your silk and satin hair
A longingness to share
An evening with you

And if I might impose
And pick for you a rose
I’m worried I’d expose
My longing for you

It’s true

Of that timid grin
Where do I begin?
Inked upon my skin
Just for you

That love
How it tortures me
And how glad I’ll be
Just to share my mornings with you


Never Being Replaced

Bound to my hand
Is the blade of heartbreak
Betwixt loving fingers
It scratches and scrapes
Slices and skates
Over lines of her face
I might kiss them and clean them
But they never erase
Let me carve out my heart
In your loving embrace
Leave the hole where you found it
Now the emptiest space
It will linger there bleeding
Never feeling defaced
Bladed palm drifting off
From the soft of your waist
You’ll always be with me
Never being replaced