100 strong
A brilliant start
With words in homes,
and heads,
and hearts
Beloved readers in the dark
In all these lines you’ve been a part

Thank you,



Beneath circus tent
And linking rings
You linger there, with broken things
A carousel
Of rusted kings
And marionettes
With severed strings
They tie around
The central spire
They slow the ride
And light the fire
And while it burns into a pyre
You sit and spin
As you desire



She is the muse of my sorrows
My double edged blade
The power to hope
And claim to the pain

My catch and my cache
Drifting deep into the sea
The Texas sun’s glow
Gleaming distant from me

We crossed like two stars
While you shine
I decay
For I think of your beauty

No lust or obsession
No form to this function
I’d have met my potential
In your loving conjunction

But out futures were split
And our passing was brief
Yet the tear in my heart
Shines so brightly with grief

The burden is knowing
That you slipped through my fingers
Never made for my hands
But your shining still lingers