The forum opened a query
What do you do when you are dreary
When life is hard
And hearts are weary

The room was filled with pain, beset
With souls on fire, flush with regret
Those sorry faces
Never to forget
A sweet face asked me,
And I had to admit
That I write of people never met


Slow Dance

There’s a dance
Air heavy with teenage emotion
Blushing cheeks and sweaty palms
Ill fitting jackets and buckling ankles
Off-center ties and mother’s makeup
Yet from the center of this nervous sea
Friendly feet shuffle tide to side
In camaraderie

As the night passes
And the old speakers flicker with static
A final song comes on-
A slow song
As the balloons begin to drift downward
Slowly stopping mid-fall
To be suspended above
Like a rainbow sea of chaperones

We found no rhythm in turbulent tones
But in this final song
We find ourselves
Wrapped in neon streamers
Binding us oh so close

The mob around us fades
Those flickering torches
And judgmental faces are muted
If only for a moment
I’m in your arms – and you in mine
Swaying side by side

We are young with bumpy skin
Dry lips pulling closer together
That strawberry shampoo
Mixes with your mother’s perfume
You’re a field of flowers, soft in my arms
Your nervous smile the soothing bloom

I blink to prove this dream is real
That the dream of a lonely heart
Might finally be coming true
But I wake
And find myself without you
As if there was ever a dance
And as if there was ever a one
Who would sway with me
To a song of young hearts and true love

A young man with old regrets
Lies typing in his bed tonight
I’m now too cold to dance
When sweaty palms and open hearts
Were once permitted
Those memories are never to bloom
Though I hear the song every night

So like a balloon
I fall so close to the dream
Which I never woke up to
I plummet past it
And burst
Some nights into tears
And others
Into elastic pieces stretched far too thin
For far too long