Unsure if it’s the sound of tears
Or distant static
Pattering the windowsill
Or swarming upon the screen

A place of still water
Static rain
Where only mosquitos might be

Writhe your tongue to my heart
And feast on the deafening silence
Inside, outside, without, within
Low white noise on crystal skin


Dream: Sunset

Amber eyes
And fiery hair
I found you there
Sitting in an auburn chair
And deep within a dream

I pinch myself upon my heart
For in your gaze, at last it starts
And know we mustn’t be apart
In sunset made for two

Upon your leg I see a scar
And make my gaze not quite so far
Placing ice upon your calf
Compassion drawing forth a laugh

What follows is the swoon of love
Her humor fits like silken glove
And while the water perspirates
I am no more – invertebrate

There was no kiss
No rude caress
Merely a look which might impress
The feeling of my heart’s duress
To stay beyond the scar

Amber eyes
And fiery hair
A stranger whom I loved right there
Vanishes with morning air
Sun risen on the dream



In mutal friend’s basement
As the fears begin to thin
Sitting across from each other
In seldom light, in somber night
Blue jean knees too scared to touch
Conversing in whisper

Stifled chuckles, honest smirks
So comfortable together
No secrets between friends
Yet, a final question hides from view

The soda can perspirates
And her friendliness emanates
Our shared response
Feels warm and true
I like you
I like you too