Charming in her words
Uniquely chisled as her face
With marble eyes of fountains
In flowing soak encased

The silver stream like vapor
The rising steam of glance
To find a peerless longing
For a creature built of chance

Unique in every factor,
Every fracture,
Every fault,
Yet all of this together,
Captivates with its gestalt

For there is not a single line
Through which she’d be defined
Composed so very wonderous
As if plucked from dreaming mind



Raw, romantic, and ravishing
Revoltingly captivating
The writhing of lovers,
So tender empassioning
And while they gawk from the doorframe
We’ll be here in the art
Where we’ll never feel ugly
Knitting fibers of heart



I’m not scared of death
For then none would mourn
The thoughts I had inside

But if I should live
All my life I would give
To see them realized

But if I grow old
Oh, the sorrow I’d sow
If my thoughts were first to die

I’d mourn, for I’d say
They’d been taken away
And I’d forgotten why


District Rain

Streets like canine noses
Afternoon rain subsides
Chilled particles dance upon the wind
While music plays inside

The city never sleeps,
They say,
It sits and sings the blues
Without the sun,
Without the moon,
We sway in foggy streetlight hues

With golden rays upon the street
Glisten green and red
As passing cars glide down below
Midst sunset aubergine

In gleaming mire of wake-ing tire
The streams of beige concrete
This hazy rain can soothe your pain
Through ambiance, replete



Pinched between my words and woes
Rubbed smooth between my lips
This honeysuckle rose,
Preened and plumed and picked

Between the glassy gossamer
Ensnared between the sheets
Nightshade in her eyes
Your vying violet creeps

Planted within my memory
And bound within my thoughts
With eyes between fresh lavender
And blue forget-me-nots

Grace my face dear buttercup
And wait between the page
My words may rot and fade away
But my mark will never age