Would you stay with me
Chase hopelessly for fleeting dreams?

Raise good children
With narrow frames and tender eyes
And hold their shoulders when they cry?

Better for them, than you or I
Brace their narrow frames
So their dreams might never die
Maybe one will be a poet
Maybe one will soar the sky

So could you stay with me
And never worry why?



Nape of eucalyptus
Little blooming kisses
There within a silken sheet
And beauty pulled from wishes
She calls from nimble mountian trees
Across the morning dew
Breath so light and temperate
And singing songs for you



I’m balding, unhappy, and often unhealthy
You can’t mint my words,
So you’ll never be wealthy
Ambitions devoid,
Though I claim they’re just stealthy
I’d do you most good,
Living off in a belfry

Yet a romance half-formed,
Is still better than most
And I’d relish your time,
For your favor, I’d host
A banquet so lonesome
To the recluse we toast,
His heart calls from afar
Like a chiming bronze ghost



She nuzzles there upon my neck
With profile made to fit
And every time I slumber now
I cannot rest without it

Her subtle lips settle and list
No words are left unspoken
And while her heart beats next to mine
My pulse remains unbroken

Below my head, upon my mind
She breathes with soft inflection
Yet with each gust, so quietly,
She mutters of affection

She stays with me unflinchingly
Beyond my comprehension
Her company,
My reverie,
Silent and still attention



Foam rises to the top
The silky and pure
But airy and bland to the tongue
Not fully to blame
False assumtions are made
That beauty is found in the young

But the finest of arts
Are made heavy with time
They simmer, and sink to the bottom
So when the lights fade
I gaze to the glass
Those deepest lines shan’t be forgotten

These walnut haze stains
Those tiny black flakes
Whose flavor exceeds humdrum savor
Far too bitter to some
But too many forget
That the dregs are the source of the flavor