Perpetual nausea
As a body resists the pill
Long since dissolved
Slipped down throats
In the deceptive comfort of our dreams

For the world is a waking nightmare
Dark clouds in our eyes and minds
As well as in our glass
Some hopeless elixer
From and by snakes

Bitter life
Mother of toxicity
Be it through injection
Or fermentation
Of the mold grown beneath our skin


A Moment

Awakened by fingertip brushing my nose
A mischievous smile
And petite interlocked toes



A writhing howl from the shore
It calls unending and unaddressed
Delivered to all in an unwilling yield
A shelling of pain and fury
First in frightful tenor
Then in piteous whine
At last a furious whimper
Lamentations more loathed than tormentor
With callous on eyes, never ears
Enduring the pain of another
Enduring the pain on themself


Man Kind

I wish that I could write of men
But I’m disenchanted with our case
A sorry tale of disgrace
Built up behind a brutish face

So stubborn in our discontent,
Poeticism never meant,
Except for something to repent
Deemed foolish by some lost event

The lyric is a potent thing
But only if you let it ring
So conflictive with everything
With male hands I’ve seen it wringed

Yet in this sight, I do not cry –
We live, we think, we love, we die
While all the men I know don’t try
To grasp their heart, and wonder why

So in women I can see a place
Exotic, in its tranquil face
Where human beauty is embraced
With joyous passions not defaced



Hum softy to my closed eyes
Lullabies upon my neck
Coo so sweetly from my bedside
On slumbering ears the words connect

Oh how your lips feel there upon me
Lingering kiss, a warm delight
Proving loneliness won’t ever harm me
You say ‘sleep well’, I say g’night



Dearest Fiji
Sunset skin
Soft and smooth and blush
Sealing in the sunset
Her colors fueled the rush

But there below her curled stem
Lay flattened plane of bruise
How dare the world
Tear forth the sky
And stain it with abuse

I cradle her within my hands
Unlike the hands which made her fall
Empathy and sensitivity
Makes sweetest juice of all

I stayed with Fiji till her time
Arrived with solemn blips
I held her hand, she held my face
And glanced them with her lips

Her senset skin will never fade
From deep within my mind
Made hazy from the dripping pain
By what had brewed inside

She’s hanging over in my brain
Intoxicated sorrow
Her kiss’s bruise upon my cheek
Will still be there tomorrow


Dearest Nearest

From deepest longing’s fervent fever
Heated slopes ensnare my grip
From quivering breath to rising hip
I want you, dearest nearest

I hear your gasp turn over silent
As heart leaps in your chest, I see
The way you quiver endlessly
So close to you, closer to me

As arms cross-cross below your navel
With dimpled back massaged and bare
Feel my lips cristen you there
And lean into desire

Your longing tongue and teeth to roam
Near blushing cheeks I mark my home
Reddening face so fearless – peerless
You want me too, oh dearest nearest