A moment made momentous
Impressing gilded fingers into my shoulder blade
Depressing and embracing
Caressing and encasing
Replacing? No.
Defacing? Perhaps.
An army of legs wouldn’t run
From faltering lips, with lungs collapsed
A tiding made titanic
Sink my fears,
Drown my sorrows,
Be still, my panic
And in this moment I’m apathetic
With momentous love, by lips, turned tragic



I was made for her
But we weren’t made for each other.

I’d reach out and touch her
but would she recall the feeling?

No, I recoil without startle
and relapse without starting
To waste the romance of one’s lifetime-
So disheartening


Ping Pong

Ping pong
Love’s song
Light and bright and airy
Moving with velocity
But never seeming scary
Battering and bantering
Just above the net
A heart with muscle memory
Never to forget
Across the plane
Upon my brain
The rhythm of the bounce
We sheepishly call out the fouls
But never really counts



Gravitating, in a sense
Captivated, in a trance
Though not to looks or affluence
But some kind force –
Without romance
Be still my heart, my mind’s adance
Adrift in verbal effuence
And swirling thoughts of confidance
With yearning hopes of permanence



It was then I punched the wall
Not to hurt it or hurt me
But rather something unseen,
Hateful and tense
Shamefully paying heed
To the tattered knuckles of necessity

Loosing so much more than composure
Time and affection,
My creative expression,
Mortal and moot
Scraped away like the sole of a boot
And after so many miles,
I don’t really remember whose shoes



It all comes back to us
Botched godliness
Fathomless prejudice
Thinking we outrank other species
When we are solely the most pungent
Goodness grew from empty reliance
But a vituous few hold it close
And shield it with their hands
Their skin burning
With knuckles soaked in rain

It defies all explanation
Where these flaws come from
Each day it gets harder to fight them
Before long
All our palms will be twisted into fists
Devoid of the scars of peace
Yet held up
As if we were ever made
For something greater
We pretend to be better
But it all comes back to us



Champagne skin
Intoxicates my lonesome nights
Her humor dry and bubbly so,
My drunken heart
Spills doubly, though

Kaliedascopic pheromone
Crystal prism,
Diamond stone,
Swirling sights in subtle home,
These nothern lights of abalone

Leave florid kiss on champagne skin
Warm lip meets glass,
And hails in,
Her arms to mine
And there we spin