Whisper on the winds
Charming coo of the wilds
Folksy with its common cadence
Ancient as the autumn tide

In a tapestry of earthy hues
The color brims from in-between
Betwixt, the colored candles bloom
Amidst chromatic tears they bring

Halftones patter forth the rain
With waxen watercolors
They halt there in October breath
In reverence of the sun

Symphonium which combs the notes
With vulpine vacillation
Notes wringing onto tousled crown
In sylvan masquerade

Pulchritude from fallen leaves
Pulled teeth incarnadine
Stemming from a smirking cheek
Which knots rubescent swoon

Dirge abrades from other side
While in eventide she feasts
My heart diseased with dire hope
Eventually deceased

Her carapace of timber limbs
In scriptured scrolls of cinnamon
Vanilla melted from the moon
And bound within that Samhain skin

Glow cerise as the evening cracks
And whisper to the bygone
Coo gently to the calm divide
While softer hymns impart the dawn





By the time you see the blade,
It’s ready too late
Cut forth from all I know
Alone and afrayed
Tethered with every fiber of my being
Not much left to do
Knot for me
Naught for you

I cannot cauterize,
Only burn from each end
Far too short and far too fast
Gone in a flash

Bound in this fearful disgrace
Noose and cuffs,
With feet breezeblock encased
And by the time I saw the blade
It was shimmering on the surface of the lake
Atoning for this mistake
The onus of knowing my bindings were threadbare
With no razor to break
This fearful breath, on moonlit breadth
Is the last one I take



This early star above
Glimmers through the auburn setting
Discernible, with starlight settling
There in violet reverie
Which brings the night, and you to me

And while the other stars alight
You are distinguised,
far more bright
The sky polluted,
Though all is right
Your shimmer never leaves my sight

Persistent star above
Glimmers through the sunlight breaching
Discernible, it’s shining reaching
There around audacious sun
You are my star, my only one



My eye no longer wanders
For there is nothing left to see
My adolescent splendor
Now so stale and obsolete

My mind no longer wanders
To places once unseen
No more reveries are sqandered
With the curious obscene

My eyes and mind are still now
Having found what I have sought
There in your smirking face
Where all the wandering is forgot



And I’m caught in waking nightmare
Hugging him one last time
His shoulder still old and tired
Now weighing a few teardrops more
It’s not a nightmare, it’s a memory
One which has yet to happen

But it has happened many times before
Many tears
Many shoulders
Many goodbyes

And one day it will be my shoulder
Which would be dampened by the pain
Of the last person I’d ever seek to harm
And the person who’d hurt the most

It never gets any easier
As the cycle is unbroken
While my own shoulders labor
Until they too are old and tired
This waking nightmare we’re all within
With the last embraces
We could never do without

I’ll hold tighter
Cry harder
And say goodbye
Through nightmare,
Impending memory,
My memories will fade
My sleep will last unbroken
And my eyes will remain dry
Except for one last moment
When teardrops tickle on my shoulder


Where Do I Start

Where did you end, where do I start
And where you begin,
It wears on my heart
It’s hard to imagine,
The weather so harsh
You strike me with lightning
With flames in the dark

Your small freckled face
Every dear has her spots
Encumber my memory
Encompass my thoughts
Blue, frail, and pale
These forget-me-nots

Where did you end?
I’m afraid I forgot
You entangle my dreams
Left my heartstrings in knots
Time could unspin these bindings
But I know I will not

Where do you end?
Right where I start



Hazy night and somber darkness
Aria of gentle dreams
Graphite prints upon the page
With whispered cooing inbetween

The moonlight drifts between the nimbus
Listing shadows on my eyes
Listing thoughts on listless mind
Written once in bygone times

Torpid slumber never holds
With tepid seas all crashing cold
Once dearest darkness had departed
These solumn words no more imparted

Awake, and still, with frigid feeling,
Rigid heart and nightmare reeling
I toss and turn in pain’s possession
With scorch marks burned,
From grey impression