Morbid attraction
Fatal affliction
Her absence the arduous
plight of addiction

I echo her name
In the chill of the night
But she never quite hears
As a creature of light

So I plant her a garden
All plucked from deceased
Where she’d love me eternal
Even if I’m diseased




One mustn’t lose much sleep
Over the contents of dreams
Yet I was destined to pursue
No matter how tragic it seems

Pervading all my reveries
Purging nightmare of the fear
Yet fading as my eyes open
I only want to have you near

The times that I have laid awake
And tried to formulate the words
Hung in memories unobscured
Going back while moving forward

At times I know it is all folly
Falling hard but never landing
On hopeless dream my heart has latched
Made to pursue
But not to catch




Spoon-carved slips of blush sorbet
Swayed from her, upon each step
Swooned from her, upon each breath
Yet stalwart in her face

The melting sunset roseate
Lambent curves and solar stares
Soft collar slopes and shoulders bare
With no adamance erased

Her modest tone could not betray
My fixation was not eluded
The graceful form which she exuded
With her faultless frame encased

Palladium in cobalt light
And to this day I still behold
Her hair was spun of warmest gold
She was gilded rose embraced

And when I saw she had reserved it
I knew that I had not deserved it
To spend a time with candid face
No less alluring when unlaced




Lost In The Light

You lose the stars within the sunlight
Without the inky sea around them
Glinting bubbles rise to surface
Only knowing breadth,
When being breathless

Melancholic words of mine
Abject feelings once forlorn
Lyrics spun of darkened sky
Lost within a light of hope,
while vacant spaces occupy

Moonlight holding up the mirror
Where these dismal stanzas rise
Mind and eye’s fluidity
Obscurity’s lucidity
Blackened flakes absorb the light
And paint the starlight of the night



Scarlet Reapings

Recurving brows, descending boughs
Defending roots, receiving blows
Scarlet reapings rising rows
As weary eyes are battered closed

Tortured lips turn pale with tears
Of salted Earth’s untended prayers
Like autumn leaves, aloft in limbs
Swaying still on whispering winds

While umber fruit turns over white
And arbor falls in lonesome night
Ascending roots, absconding rows
Relentless routes, the dauntless rose
High above the scarlet throes
Of antipathy cleaving


Pearl Truth

Drifting sooth of pearl truth
Elucidated lucidly, eluded to illicitly
Spoken so explicitly
from melancholy face

Unbroken trail intangible
And tantamount to treason
Why do our breaths exsanguinate
These pale strands of reason?

Stains up on the ceiling
Expanding as we’re looming
Yet while the air is burned away
These sleuthings are unmoving

Maybe I could share my grief
At the cost of definition
But pearly truths are soft as smoke
Free of purpose or ambition




Galwyn Poetry Book Out Now :]

Hi Everyone,

Thank you all so much for following this blog and liking these poems over throughout years. It has given me the confidence to publish a couple hundred pages of the poems found here on the blog. I made the book as inexpensive as possible in order to support expanded distribution and other availability opportunities. Without further ado, I’d like to introduce Galwyn: A Collection of Poems.

If you’re interested in purchasing the book, please enjoy. I’ll be looking into having it available as an ebook as well, but that won’t be until after the holidays. The blog isn’t going anywhere, and will continue to be updated, so I hope you enjoy my content in any format which works for you. Again, thank you for all the support and positivity. Have a wonderful holiday season, and a lovely new year!

Ever Yours,