Hazy night and somber darkness
Aria of gentle dreams
Graphite prints upon the page
With whispered cooing inbetween

The moonlight drifts between the nimbus
Listing shadows on my eyes
Listing thoughts on listless mind
Written once in bygone times

Torpid slumber never holds
With tepid seas all crashing cold
Once dearest darkness had departed
These solumn words no more imparted

Awake, and still, with frigid feeling,
Rigid heart and nightmare reeling
I toss and turn in pain’s possession
With scorch marks burned,
From grey impression



Each and Every

Her arms were soft and muscular
Copper freckles at their peaks
They marched along her collarbones
And nestled in her cheeks

With sharp and snarky canines
Caging in a silver tongue
Midst two alabaster slopes
Where melted silver bullets hung

Her lips would fade so gracefully
To the close on either side
Yet with her smirking masquerade
They could never truly hide

Her back was long and flexile
With two divets at its base
Felt the dimples on her back
And kissed the dimples on her face

She could fit within these lanky arms
And deep within this heart
She would charm me with her company
And each and every part



For we’re the children of ash
With leaden birthmarks paving dusky smirks
Abject stalling in smoky livery
Badged with slate clips and steel tips
Tin soldiers rusted and wrought

For we are the children of copper
Minted, stripped, and rubbed raw
Riveted with edges
Envalued by each flaw
So easily discarded
The dense invaluable sense of change

For we are the children of fracture
Sharpest of broken bits
Fragmentary and aflame
Burrowing into rotted trees
Piercing them to naught
Combusting in their pain

For we are the children of flame
The spark that was left unattended
The smoking filter pressed to flesh
And where the ashes impressed
Enkindled by our futile dreams
Lonesome flicker beneath desert storm
They’ve done so much to snuff us
Yet in our hopes, still borne



I’d need no other life
For a life lacking you lacks a light
And a lifelong longing for a love unrequited
Isn’t really a life, it’s a lie I’ve incited

Excited so fully in fallical feelings
Reliant on rallying radical reelings
Fantastical hopes holding hostage my honesty
Wrapping these ropes round my calloused throat constantly

Teetering there on my three legged chair
Limber thin timber limbs lumber-
Shivering splinters of slumber-
My stumbling heart listing limp in the air
With the slivers of life spinning under


Consumed and Caressed

We consume as we caress
We see eye to eye but I can’t find my way home
Lonesome and unaddressed

Too indifferent to undress
I could abscond these awful clothes
But would I weigh any less?

Some hopeful cadaver on hopeless endeavor
Having fled and shed everything that once left me tethered

And yet,
I’d save sliver of moonlight
Silverware you’d like
Feast on this waning gaze,
sharpened novaculite

We consume as we caress
Course to coarse, friction and force, my heart breaks as it enamors
With crystal tatters
Exhumed and impressed