Now for once
I needn’t hide
My love in your words
Or at your side
For now I hold it all inside
Your memory so vilified

So far away
Your bitter lies
My heart, you will not terrorize
In your absence, I realize
My love mustn’t be humanized




Ruptured nimbus
The stem between us
Vinyl flowers bloom

Held betwixt
On fragile wrist
The onyx petal looms

Yet in its shade
Damp promenade
My fragile spirit swoons

On dewy petals
Eroma meddles
Soft as a infant plume

With scent of roses
Love imposes
The petrified perfume

Here in shelter
I swear I felt her
But I could not presume

Ruptured nimbus
Scent of roses
The rain subsides now
As it closes



Wretched and rude
Filthy with farce
Wouldn’t know love
Even pierced through the heart
Wicked and course
Vacuous mind
Legs splaying open
Leaving romance behind
Vile and vulgar
Sulfur and spite
May your bed grow as cold
As your heart every night
But it is alright
As I gift you with spite
At least I found lessons
While your learning was light



Warm pond of impurity
Water there submerging me
The feeling of your skin
Bringing forth my heart’s infirmity
The pool within your eye
Clear through deception and obscurity
My body pleading why
As I eject from the infirmary
Blanket clings to thigh
Your ear here upon a fluttering chest
I’m drowning here with flailing arms
When all I truly need is rest