My hindsight’s 20/20
I’m going 20 over the limit
I can’t forgive you,
I can’t forget you
No reservations for residential

It seems that the spark,
Has gone from your words,
No longer reflective of the rearview

You weren’t as close as I thought
And yet, close enough
A floater or flare
Ever aware but can’t omit you
I can’t stop, but can’t hit you

Hindsights 20/20
But mind’s eye is feeble
When she swerves from the blind spot
And shatters my shield

As the basis blew out
Of that rattling speaker
Rain pattling beneath her
On my shortsighted fingers, wiping the weeper




The apologia doesn’t fall far from the tree
Nor does the strange fruit hanged from it
With shady motives
Rotton routes to cold hearts
Bound with hatred
Gagged with virulence
Tarred with disrespect
And feathered with cowardice
The truly disgraced chant without grace,
From below.

Look at the fruits of your labors
What you did to “keep your family safe”
Yet when it comes time to pay for the harvest
You apologize for your own sake
All while you planted an orchard of your bigotry
Bigger than your small and scatheless hands
And while you may cut down the trees
Salt the earth and stone the dirt
The resilient seeds of your sins will always rise
Into ringed historians
And in their flesh you try to explain yourself
But the markings are already there
The apologia doesn’t fall far from the tree
They shouldn’t forgive,
And you will never outlive the memory



It stains my sheets, and you might see
Below the blackest light
Aqueous profanity,
From muscles clenching tight

Perhaps it patters once a week
Perhaps it matters not
For any stain is shameful
Even if it isn’t caught

Most often in the midnight sheets
While my family is asleep
In the restroom
In the shower
Any time the feeling creeps

Before too long
I will be caught
In sacrilegious act
They might unveil the countless stains
And be taken aback
They’ll know it’s almost every day
As my manhood detracts

Imagine their elation
Should they witness masterbation
But the sorry stains are teardrops
Bringing no such calm abatement

I hide them in the bleakest nights
Where they might never see me
How strange that of all male liquids
Tears are most unseemly



It finds its own migration
In my mind
No invitation
No common time
Or correlation
In drug-less
All of this
No explanation
Wanting love
Is mutilation

So take my nights
For contemplation
Take my tears
My dehydration
Take my chest
Before it caves in
From this searing
Your voice
Is flagellation
Your goal
Is devastation
Turning words
To fornication
From my pain
You find elation



The bumper of the car was there,
And she wasn’t

So I thought.

For what is there to do
When hearts are broken
To my misfortune-

I was not.

For perhaps some outwards agony
Would garner sympathy?

Perhaps not.

I thought until the sun came up
Without any conclusion
I thought I might convice myself
But it would have been illusion

Perhaps I could escape the fight
Inside some thoughtful mirage
But then I realized that hood
Was the true site of the barrage



She was two faced
Bronzed and bitter
Saline, course and rough
Yet while she sourced my many wounds
I couldn’t get enough

That subtle gleam
That leaden sheen
Made her seem, 10 million dollars
But she was less than all her parts
A billion carbon daughters

Her disguise was to devalue
Darkened Dame, deluded dime
Decirculating memories
Degrading over time

Passed from hand to dirty hand
Valued no more than a tip
Interchanged with anyone
With ridges you could strip

But surely I could foot the bill
With soft and honest twenty
Yet every time I bite my lip
I recall the taste of penny


Card Castles

Rich but not sweet
Silver spoons only bore
card castle houses
and suicide doors

Folding chairs,
gilded ropes,
diamonds covered up with spades
Kings and queens, faceless
shuffling directionless parades

Going to war
with suits and clubs
laminated hearts in tow
As so above, as such below
to find a place where wealth can’t go

But they have played right into hands
To be shuffled, split, and made unknown
All for plastic castles never owned
and silver spoons which never shone