On lonesome tree blackened by lightning
Branches split and simmer
Flames crawling bigger
From eviscerated core
And from discipline-less corp
Comes the hand that pulls the trigger
Barrels brighter, bodies dimmer
As thunder takes the lonesome girl




Human Omega
The last one on Earth
Are they the most important?
The pinnicle one of our time?
The one who survived
Where extinction thrived
The most amazing of persons contrived
Yet the question implied:
When more people arrived
Did the lonely one lose all their legend?
Perhaps this importance
Relies on an absense
Contigent that all else have died

Consider the other
That last one is ember
A remnant of blood that has dried
A lonesome brush stroke
Ripped forth from the canvas
With now, no more meaning implied
Perhaps the importance
Is in all of us now?
And it fades as our numbers subside

So what of Omega?
Are they truly the greatest,
Or the sad final note of lost song?
Are they boundless potential
Or that of eventual
Humanity flickering and dying?



In my biome decaying
Heart biodegrading
I decompose here, with resiliance fading
Of self worth and value
That harsh degradation
Which scorns you and scowls you
And here disembowels you
On forested floor
Where the flora surrounds you
And clings evermore



I’m not scared of death
For then none would mourn
The thoughts I had inside

But if I should live
All my life I would give
To see them realized

But if I grow old
Oh, the sorrow I’d sow
If my thoughts were first to die

I’d mourn, for I’d say
They’d been taken away
And I’d forgotten why



In a garden now salted
A blossom did grow
Born of passion once felt
Such a long time ago

Yet she plucked forth my heart
As a penance to throw
To a stranger above
With a virtue below

High on the stage
Where our feelings detach
I once leapt to your arms
As you failed to catch
I abscond from your stage
Bowing my final act
The act of a phantom
To never come back