Hazy night and somber darkness
Aria of gentle dreams
Graphite prints upon the page
With whispered cooing inbetween

The moonlight drifts between the nimbus
Listing shadows on my eyes
Listing thoughts on listless mind
Written once in bygone times

Torpid slumber never holds
With tepid seas all crashing cold
Once dearest darkness had departed
These solumn words no more imparted

Awake, and still, with frigid feeling,
Rigid heart and nightmare reeling
I toss and turn in pain’s possession
With scorch marks burned,
From grey impression




Admiring love in all its forms
Enamoured with acceptance
The prism drawing colors forth
Into their independance
This narrow heart could use a spot
For once, worn on my sleeve
And while the crystal fluctuates
The light will never leave


Sitting in the car
Shoulder to shoulder
This moment of feeling we’d permit
The flickering radio
It somehow sounds clear
Johnny Mathis croons to us
And the glimmers of silence are filled
Not by static
But by our hearts catching each lost lyric
His lonesome song
Rings from the chests of a trio
But as I feel her fingers brush mine
The music becomes a duet
For I am lost in her now
The last lyric fills the evening air
Or perhaps I imagined it there
Right where it needed to be
“I get misty
just holding your hand”



A writhing howl from the shore
It calls unending and unaddressed
Delivered to all in an unwilling yield
A shelling of pain and fury
First in frightful tenor
Then in piteous whine
At last a furious whimper
Lamentations more loathed than tormentor
With callous on eyes, never ears
Enduring the pain of another
Enduring the pain on themself



Human Omega
The last one on Earth
Are they the most important?
The pinnicle one of our time?
The one who survived
Where extinction thrived
The most amazing of persons contrived
Yet the question implied:
When more people arrived
Did the lonely one lose all their legend?
Perhaps this importance
Relies on an absense
Contigent that all else have died

Consider the other
That last one is ember
A remnant of blood that has dried
A lonesome brush stroke
Ripped forth from the canvas
With now, no more meaning implied
Perhaps the importance
Is in all of us now?
And it fades as our numbers subside

So what of Omega?
Are they truly the greatest,
Or the sad final note of lost song?
Are they boundless potential
Or that of eventual
Humanity flickering and dying?


Dream: Sunset

Amber eyes
And fiery hair
I found you there
Sitting in an auburn chair
And deep within a dream

I pinch myself upon my heart
For in your gaze, at last it starts
And know we mustn’t be apart
In sunset made for two

Upon your leg I see a scar
And make my gaze not quite so far
Placing ice upon your calf
Compassion drawing forth a laugh

What follows is the swoon of love
Her humor fits like silken glove
And while the water perspirates
I am no more – invertebrate

There was no kiss
No rude caress
Merely a look which might impress
The feeling of my heart’s duress
To stay beyond the scar

Amber eyes
And fiery hair
A stranger whom I loved right there
Vanishes with morning air
Sun risen on the dream



In mutal friend’s basement
As the fears begin to thin
Sitting across from each other
In seldom light, in somber night
Blue jean knees too scared to touch
Conversing in whisper

Stifled chuckles, honest smirks
So comfortable together
No secrets between friends
Yet, a final question hides from view

The soda can perspirates
And her friendliness emanates
Our shared response
Feels warm and true
I like you
I like you too