As so above
As such below
My darling left
But didn’t go
Believed in heaven
Beloved below
But now my heart beats



Fresh Air

Fragrance wandering through
Soft and subdued
Perfume of passion
As my heartache secludes
Your words never rude
You smartly exude
That wit and repose –
What I crave to include
My urge for you smolders
Far from reveries lewd
Let me wander beside
While you quell solitude



To all, I loath her
I speak ill of her name
But that soft platinum hair
Fills the moonlight again

A mistake, I did call her
Though hardly the case
Oh, that silky blonde hair
On that crystalline face

Her lips ripe for meeting
Naked, natural, pink
Though I try to deny them
Of their warmth I still think

Her eyes were smooth granite
Liquid emerald and slate
I long for them often
Beneath my story of hate

I’ll deny her no more
My desire for Heather
For in this storm I have sown
She floats calm like a feather



The silken base of a feather
The oily gradient of a flower petal
The chromatic sky leading to dusk

All things I saw so clearly in my youth
Yet I lacked to words to speak of
So now I hold the words in my throat
But gasp them away
As I have lost the beauty

Perhaps that which is truly beautiful
Is only that without definition?
My poems, are but shadows on the wall
Of emotions never clearly grasped
My dream love, is but a feeling in my soul
Never to be given form

Yet tears exist as glistening hope
For they are come from our hearts
And leave puddles on the earth
Perhaps the translation is possible
Perhaps my words will caress someone
Perhaps a love will find my arms

I’ll find beauty once more
Have the words for it
And remain silent
Just as I should have



Wrapping tight around her chest
My compliments will stay
There, soft upon her silken breast
Hugging her breath away

Her face so flushed
Her posture straight
She coyly walks away
Yet I see the truth
Her neck so blushed
She’s calling me to stay