Loves Me Not

I’d never love you on a gilded prairie
With daisies tall and songbirds merry
My buttercup will come forth clean
As petals plucked forth fall so mean

She loved me then
She loved me not
Bluer than forget-me-not
Forgive me now
Forget this spot
She loves me then,
She loves me not




In mutal friend’s basement
As the fears begin to thin
Sitting across from each other
In seldom light, in somber night
Blue jean knees too scared to touch
Conversing in whisper

Stifled chuckles, honest smirks
So comfortable together
No secrets between friends
Yet, a final question hides from view

The soda can perspirates
And her friendliness emanates
Our shared response
Feels warm and true
I like you
I like you too



Young at heart
With vernal roots and buoyant blood
Prying between boarded emotions
And blushing forth from satin cheeks
Yet wisdom was upon her skin
And left scars upon her face
Though not the ones of shame or pity
But nail marks of soft caress
Like seams upon a fitted shirt
With splits to help it fit
I count the threads from heart to hand
The wrinklings of wit



The fickle fist of friendship
Tugs my collar forth
In grey emerald eyes I fall
Despite my better judgment

When two hearts beat in unison
And two minds spark at once
It it any surprise
To find oneself in love?

A feeling so strong
Yet so familiar to amity
That its blossom may be lost
In the garden we grew side by side

Allow me a tattoo around the wound
The one never destined to mend
While mine still weeps unrequited
The bond still lingers, I hope
That her own scar is yet to fade