It was then I punched the wall
Not to hurt it or hurt me
But rather something unseen,
Hateful and tense
Shamefully paying heed
To the tattered knuckles of necessity

Loosing so much more than composure
Time and affection,
My creative expression,
Mortal and moot
Scraped away like the sole of a boot
And after so many miles,
I don’t really remember whose shoes




And as the ashes meet the air
I’m clouded with perspective
For she was neither here or there
And my pleading – ineffective

As she’s carried by the wind
In myriad direction
I realize that while we urn
We cannot give protection


Us Two

“I miss you”
The words trapped
Beyond fiberous flap
Tethered with awakened glue
Kissed with teardrops shed for you
And as the paper plane sits
I’m unsure if I should open or send it
As I forgot whom it had been addressed to
Or perhaps us two?



These opinions rise and grow
From meaning sown below

But do not sew them in your chest
Or treasure them by heart

For when they climb the garden wall
Your leaves are sprayed apart

Herbicide and verbicide
“Who cares what you have to say?”
“You’ve put too much thought into this”
Greenery clipped away

What’s the point in learning more?
Putting opinions in the sun?
The world will mow you,
To shallowest point
To be like everyone

I won’t stop building what I know
After each and every cleaving
Perhaps opinions fall down low
Without ever really leaving