For Her

I’m working for her
But not quite towards her
This transient love that I long for
Not stricken with lonliness
But stricken with purpose
For a heart to give my life an encore
I gather my sticks
To build her a nest
And I’ll take to the sky when its proper
Yet in the meantime
I’ll yearn and I’ll rhyme
With romance as something I’ll wait for




Blind as a bat
You howl and screech
Echoes lead the way

Cavernous ears
But only to you
And what you have to say

Glorified rat
Hellion wings
But your sins won’t blow away

Yell all you’d like
And drink all you can
For the sun is here to stay



In a garden now salted
A blossom did grow
Born of passion once felt
Such a long time ago

Yet she plucked forth my heart
As a penance to throw
To a stranger above
With a virtue below

High on the stage
Where our feelings detach
I once leapt to your arms
As you failed to catch
I abscond from your stage
Bowing my final act
The act of a phantom
To never come back