Bright Idea

The brightest ideas tapped inside
Bulbs which hum opaque
The only evidence are burns
Or if onyx shell should break

The filaments so empty
In most vacuous of space
Two flickering glints of static
In the expression that I’d face

So why are we still doing this?
Asked the chicken and the egg
Is the fixture better left intact
Or is it best to break?



Graphite pockmarks pinned to my face
A place once scored
With too much blank space.
Higher or lower, she asks
Not the time or place.
For what difference does it make?
They couldn’t erase.

Stripped thin pocketbook falls from my waist
In last lingering page, x’s and o’s
A cat’s game.
Even if either had cheated,
We’d still be in the same place
And what difference does it make?
They couldn’t erase.

Have I degraded to the point of being average?
Maybe if those scales hadn’t failed,
Maybe if those notes hadn’t passed
What difference would it make?
They couldn’t erase.

So in the sum of my subtractions
Graphite, ash ridden kiss
Notebook, with game unfinished
Purveyor or betrayer,
An ex is what I am
And what difference do I make?
Other than being the one,
that they couldn’t erase.





Oily print upon the glass
The concave of your kiss
The cardinal conclave seperates
With fading foggy mist

Mystified by fingerprint
The swirls draw me in
The labyrinth of wayward whirls
There upon your skin

The shimmer of wax
The glimmer of pane
Reflective of each other
The silver elope
With sliver of pain
Deflecting one another

You pierce the mirror,
And so it cracks, with unexpected distance
You saw yourself there, staring back,
But felt so such resistence

Toiling print within the glass
A fracture so distinctive
A fractal so akin to you
It almost seems instinctive




A perfect form
That which glowed like a brilliant comet
Passing over our heads
Bringing light to our eyes
Bathing us in warmth
Her astral body embracing us
Powdering our worn skin with stardust
So that we might glisten like her
Her eyes, deep green with a bright center
Like a deep emerald lagoon
The moon nestled within its halcyon surface
Her lips like a heavenly gate
Releasing words of beauty into my unbefitting world
Even while closed, ataractic humming
A promise of the bewitching thoughts she would soon share with me
But these embracing tones have left me
Her visage lies stoic
Robbed of her smile
Ever beautiful, but incomplete
She can’t return
Though, I never deserved her in the first place
This crossing of fate
A brilliant comet and a fading black star
One being insatiable for her light
And being given it unconditionally
I can’t go to her
I am undeserving of what she is
Our time on earth was enough
And the light has moved on with her
I give her my hope
Planted by her in salted earth
It grew all the same
I give her my voice
Words and languages
Impotent to explain her loveliness
I give her the warmth from my chest
She prodded the embers
And built a fire
Burning away the dark ichor inside
And I give her my love
Memories of each moment
Songs sung
Hands held
Beds shared
Tears shed
Never of pain
Not with her
I’m not much more than a shell now
Once filled with rot
Then with light
And now with nothing



There You Remain

It wasn’t representative of anything else
Yet you stood there with me for a while
And while I tried to dispel any obligation
There you remained

I’m not quite sure what to hope for anymore
Aspiring for your heart wasn’t right
Yet every time I try to awaken
There you remain

It’s not a question of what you mean to me
But of what I don’t mean to you
And once again I dispel any obligation
Yet there you remain

It’s like some single-minded synapse
Felt happiness once on receiving your name
And in that ill-fitting yearning
There you remain

All my jubilant moments are eclipsed
Only by you in the foreground
And this dark thought worries
If you dispel my love’s obligation
There you’ll remain