Foam rises to the top
The silky and pure
But airy and bland to the tongue
Not fully to blame
False assumtions are made
That beauty is found in the young

But the finest of arts
Are made heavy with time
They simmer, and sink to the bottom
So when the lights fade
I gaze to the glass
Those deepest lines shan’t be forgotten

These walnut haze stains
Those tiny black flakes
Whose flavor exceeds humdrum savor
Far too bitter to some
But too many forget
That the dregs are the source of the flavor




You go both ways
Though never quite to mine
Skin of onyx, heart of pine
And never lacking spine
With cynic’s sneer
And gilded ear
She charms with tireless traction
So woe is me
For tying she, in hopelessness attraction



I misremember some fine notes
Remiss in adoration
Miss remembering some fine lies
Oh, those dishonest admissions

Objectivity remisses
Disbelief often dismisses
All these fragment thoughts, ambitious
As they satisfy these wishes

Missing the points of promises
Inaccurate, the mind merely misses
Misremembering a mistress
As my one and only missis



Like a car on frozen slush
I lost my grip within the rush
Towards you arms, where I was crushed
Crashed and burned, by snowflake rough

Don’t pull me from this conflagration
Paid for your love’s exhilaration
That moment of acceleration
My head alight with adoration

On pale arm, your snowflake falls
One last nuzzle, before the palls
My lonely skin, heeded your call
So captivated, heart enthralled



The stars look muted, small and dim
When placed beside your eyes of blue
Sapphires on milky sea
Softly gleam, temperate and true

Ice so thick and strong
It floats azure on the surface
All the frost melted away
No dusted peak emerges

Crash your glacial gaze upon
My unimpassioned heart
Chill me with your sculpted face
Before we drift apart



If I told you I love you
Would you tell me I’m trite
That my lyrics dissuade
From the mood of the night

When all else seemed perfect
I was wrong, you were right
Greet my soft serenade
With aversion and spite

Well, perhaps this is proper
On this point may we part
As you lead with your foot
While I lead with my heart

There’s something romantic
About those old played out ways
Like the fading of records
Pressed in more hopeful days
I’ll dismiss you to cynics
While my elegy plays
A sad song just for you
I’m content in love’s daze


For Her

I’m working for her
But not quite towards her
This transient love that I long for
Not stricken with lonliness
But stricken with purpose
For a heart to give my life an encore
I gather my sticks
To build her a nest
And I’ll take to the sky when its proper
Yet in the meantime
I’ll yearn and I’ll rhyme
With romance as something I’ll wait for