In That Moment

Hold me in your arms
Just one more moment before you go
And in that moment, I’m sure I’ll know
All that moment could have been

Within that listing nuzzle:
A final breath,
A final beat

Each interrupted,

Replacing in their dying space
New pulse and sigh interpolates

In that moment
I’m someone new
I am not me
You are not you
We entered lovers
Left as friends
Moment over as it ends



Stay With Me

Stay with me
As carmine kisses cling to glass
Stay with me
As salmon sunsets slowly pass
Stay with me
As honeyed pictures fade away
Stay with me
As emerald fields turn to grey
Stay with me
As azure waters turn to air
Stay with me
As vervain stardust dances there

Stay with me
I’m frightened of the empty sky
Stay with me
Without you would my colors die?
Stay with me
Won’t lose you to the blank unknown
Stay with me
This pain we draw is all our own

Stay with me



From an inch of my life
You saw but never see me
Eleven inches more
I crawl but you won’t receive me
Ten digits more
Which once ran through your hair
Two shoulders to shrug
No more burden to bear
Take what you want
And then take all the rest
From an inch of my life
Hear the pulse in my chest


Cataract Headlights

Cataract headlights glisten
Your hand in mine
Over the motor I hear you just fine
While I sit here and listen

Cataract headlights squint
Below my loving smolder
Your head rests on my shoulder
View lost beyond the window’s tint

Cataract headlights blinded
I took your way, you – the highway
And as I look to your seat
I’m ever reminded



The bumper of the car was there,
And she wasn’t

So I thought.

For what is there to do
When hearts are broken
To my misfortune-

I was not.

For perhaps some outwards agony
Would garner sympathy?

Perhaps not.

I thought until the sun came up
Without any conclusion
I thought I might convice myself
But it would have been illusion

Perhaps I could escape the fight
Inside some thoughtful mirage
But then I realized that hood
Was the true site of the barrage