As so above
As such below
My darling left
But didn’t go
Believed in heaven
Beloved below
But now my heart beats




My passions were never made to please
Anyone except for me
There’s a purity in honesty
Yet a shallow view from company

I never sought to disrespect
As nosy others interject
And hate what they do not expect
Offended with what I protect

Listen to your droning songs
And do not tune to mine
Pretending like there’s something wrong
I still listen, while you whine



Everything I knew and more
Dropped her feet
My head down and domestic
Having run for miles and days
Through bramble and tempest

I found the best there was
And carried it back
Lips dried and torn
Yet tight around my gift for you
A snarl of determination
My only companion
In your absence

Yet, as my hard work met the floor
Your eyes didn’t meet mine
But my alms did
The lashes and bashes sting my neck
Not sure what will crack first
My body, my mind, or my heart



I used to dream each night
Of how you might be
Your smile
And your laugh
How it would feel to me
To be in love
And have you next to me
Not bound to my eyelids
And hopeful imagery

I always dreamed each night
Of how things used to be
When you were on my side
Though not there next to me
I dreamt of how we’d find
A better life to lead
But my eyes were open
And watched your heart secede

I still dream every night
But not how it used to be
I dream of any,
And all,
Save for you and me


Never Being Replaced

Bound to my hand
Is the blade of heartbreak
Betwixt loving fingers
It scratches and scrapes
Slices and skates
Over lines of her face
I might kiss them and clean them
But they never erase
Let me carve out my heart
In your loving embrace
Leave the hole where you found it
Now the emptiest space
It will linger there bleeding
Never feeling defaced
Bladed palm drifting off
From the soft of your waist
You’ll always be with me
Never being replaced


Love Takes

My skull and my chest aches
I’m dead in the water
My head and my heart are
Soaked by a deluge of heartbreak

I’m caught up on mistakes
And dreading tomorrow,
A new day of sorrow,
All the guilt and the pain,
As it drives me insane
Nightly refrain
I cannot contain
All the hopes and the dreams
That this love takes