The afterglow of lover’s kiss
Simmering there beside my navel
Lingering there upon my lips

And in her arms I’m made translucent
Heart exposed like ghostly fish
Glass perspires as I’m swimming
Drowning here in sweltering finish

Lighter here in locking fingers
Shadows dance in flickering flits
Flaking scales fall prismatic
Falling deep where feeling fits

And in this breathless exploration
I sink below the mind’s abyss
But in your light I’m guided safely
To places no longer amiss

Relieve me, dear, of deepest darkness
Bereave me with repleate sensation
Receive me free of condemnation
Releasing tears of soft indention

Afloat, adance, your limbs gyrarion
Wrapping me in whirling torrent
Enraptured here in swirling torment
Your siren bright and silent

As prison shatters, down we fall
To place once left unparched
We acclimate to sweeter tastes
While the prior dwells in parts

You’re the beacon from the house
Which brings the world into view
Watch from the window,
Wait for me,
As I wait for you

So overwhelming that your presence
Inturrupts the sentence
Your shape so soft and ever pleasant –




Preened so clean by love-me-nots
And nocturnal intentions
Fruitless in all frugal spots
And limp in all dimensions

Stemed from shallow rooted woes
And hoes that cut too deep
You could surely rise above
While lesser flowers sleep

But morning sun relays the fact
Of where you laid your seed
You weren’t a flower all along
Just an execrable weed




Soars aloft and free of fletching
Couldn’t wager feelings catching
Nimble as her figure flies
Piercing nimbi from the sky

With tensile limbs and limber timber
Indent my I and let it linger
That gasp before the words I’d write
In pale corpus left to right

Not hard to miss when standing still
By Artemis, moonstricken ill
Amounting pining needles clatter
Mounting forth the moonlit patter

Intentions that a heart would infer
Pretenses plucked from scattered tinder
Let loose with knotted tendency
To knothole carved out tenderly

Soars aloft and free of fletching
I raise my hands in hopes of catching
A nimble figure’s intervention
‘Tween fingers, ribs, and apprehension
Itching with the jasper etching
The kind of face to find me fetching




It wasn’t the swaying trees
The colored reefs
The myriad birds, bees, seas or anemones

It wasn’t the falling stars
The chirping frogs
The beautiful scales which flail from estuary to bog

It wasn’t the rising sun
The peach stained clouds
The weather around us which wisps, patters and howls

It wasn’t ardent moon
The last afternoon
The moment we knew that it’d all be over soon

It was US
We had a choice to make
Silenced dear Gaia
So she could not participate
We had time to anticipate
Yet we stalled and stood in the way
And at the end of days
The only thing that killed our mother was our refusal to cooperate




The melancholy phlegmatic
Congested with emotion
Slumbering contently
In the castle of their dreams

The visceral humors
Of which we are composed
Are measured and flowing
Into everything we do

What vulgar beauty
Born from biology
Becomes the gilded words
Of angelic songs

Organisms lifted from mud
And from beneath wet rocks
Create the majesty of love
From the call of fornication

No great force gave us bile
Nor blood or mucus
The heaven we have painted
We paint from the mire
-pain, sorrow, and ire-
within ourselves



Lost In The Light

You lose the stars within the sunlight
Without the inky sea around them
Glinting bubbles rise to surface
Only knowing breadth,
When being breathless

Melancholic words of mine
Abject feelings once forlorn
Lyrics spun of darkened sky
Lost within a light of hope,
while vacant spaces occupy

Moonlight holding up the mirror
Where these dismal stanzas rise
Mind and eye’s fluidity
Obscurity’s lucidity
Blackened flakes absorb the light
And paint the starlight of the night