In my biome decaying
Heart biodegrading
I decompose here, with resiliance fading
Of self worth and value
That harsh degradation
Which scorns you and scowls you
And here disembowels you
On forested floor
Where the flora surrounds you
And clings evermore




I’m not scared of death
For then none would mourn
The thoughts I had inside

But if I should live
All my life I would give
To see them realized

But if I grow old
Oh, the sorrow I’d sow
If my thoughts were first to die

I’d mourn, for I’d say
They’d been taken away
And I’d forgotten why



Pinched between my words and woes
Rubbed smooth between my lips
This honeysuckle rose,
Preened and plumed and picked

Between the glassy gossamer
Ensnared between the sheets
Nightshade in her eyes
Your vying violet creeps

Planted within my memory
And bound within my thoughts
With eyes between fresh lavender
And blue forget-me-nots

Grace my face dear buttercup
And wait between the page
My words may rot and fade away
But my mark will never age



Unsure if it’s the sound of tears
Or distant static
Pattering the windowsill
Or swarming upon the screen

A place of still water
Static rain
Where only mosquitos might be

Writhe your tongue to my heart
And feast on the deafening silence
Inside, outside, without, within
Low white noise on crystal skin