Like a car on frozen slush
I lost my grip within the rush
Towards you arms, where I was crushed
Crashed and burned, by snowflake rough

Don’t pull me from this conflagration
Paid for your love’s exhilaration
That moment of acceleration
My head alight with adoration

On pale arm, your snowflake falls
One last nuzzle, before the palls
My lonely skin, heeded your call
So captivated, heart enthralled




Acidic heat
Which plagues the sheets
She beckons bare, too hot to eat
Her gaze not smoky
Her taste not sweet
Just flame, and fire, and sear replete

I squeeze the juice from orange skin
Vacuous place, with seeds within
She meets my lips as we begin
Habanero affliction



I’m not scared of death
For then none would mourn
The thoughts I had inside

But if I should live
All my life I would give
To see them realized

But if I grow old
Oh, the sorrow I’d sow
If my thoughts were first to die

I’d mourn, for I’d say
They’d been taken away
And I’d forgotten why