Now for once
I needn’t hide
My love in your words
Or at your side
For now I hold it all inside
Your memory so vilified

So far away
Your bitter lies
My heart, you will not terrorize
In your absence, I realize
My love mustn’t be humanized




Wretched and rude
Filthy with farce
Wouldn’t know love
Even pierced through the heart
Wicked and course
Vacuous mind
Legs splaying open
Leaving romance behind
Vile and vulgar
Sulfur and spite
May your bed grow as cold
As your heart every night
But it is alright
As I gift you with spite
At least I found lessons
While your learning was light


For A Change

Painted and pinned
But cannot rescind
All the pain that you’ve brought
All the times that you’ve sinned
Left a tattoo of lies
In my heart
On my skin
While you wouldn’t remain
Till my life could begin
So you stain and you pierce
Closing eyes, closing ears
Permanence –
Never known
Till I left you alone
I gave you my body
I gave you my spirit
But you just couldn’t see it
And you just wouldnt hear it
So cling to your face
As you’ll never see mine
When I left you today
For a change – I felt fine